Thursday, 26 February 2009

More than just green fingers!

Never mind green fingers! I have green hands this week!! With the park opening looming for another season, Johnny & I have been scrabbling around like wee rats trying to get the place looking perfect. My job yesterday was to paint the outhouse floors British racing green! Hope it sticks to the floors as well as it's stuck to my poor skin!!!

Tunelessly blasting out whatever parts I knew to random songs that came into my head and of course, shamelessly flashing my builders bum at the whole of the courtyard (stops any customers coming over for a chat!) I merrily got on with the job in hand! 

It got really gusty outside, so had to shut the door to stop the whirlwind of leaves trying to get onto my lovely glistening floor. When I finally made my way across the room, everything was painted except for the outline of my feet.... literally, my hiking boots will never be the same again! Tried to push open the door..... Nothing happened. Thinking it was just a bit stuck, I rammed it with my shoulder, bearing in mind that I couldn't move my feet, or spill the paint, or drop my phone on the floor or in the tin of paint. It was at this point I realised I really needed a wee. 

Use your phone dum dum you think..... I eventually thought of that too, after the total panic had subsided.... but it had no reception! How rude!! Phone now also green. Gave up trying to use my initiative and yelled help like the feeble woman that I am until a sniggering Johnny finally came to the rescue and let me out. He has no idea how I got stuck in there. Figures 'someone' must have sneaked up and locked me in on purpose, just must not have heard them as I was singing so loudly....... Hmmmm....... 

The broccoli and african marigolds space hoppers are growing great guns now!!! The Space Hoppers are the smaller seedlings. Bit worried that they both may be bolting a bit though. They are not under cover at all, get turned every day, and are on a south facing window. What do you think? I always imagined broccoli to be really squat and just get fatter and fatter every day. Didn't imagine them starting of little thin things! Guess I have more in common with them than I thought.... Green skin.... Growing round as I age.... Hope I taste as nice!!! Not that I want to be eaten. That wouldn't be good! Anyhow... moving on!!!! Can now see 2 teeny tiny shoots on the rudbeckia sowings as well! She is finally coming out!

Off to try and scrub these poor hands some more! Not sure I like being a broccoli! 


  1. Your little planty things look better than anything I've ever tried to grow Linzi, can you come and paint my rabbit shed please, you sound like a professional painter and decorator now with those cheeks on view!

  2. Well - they do say 'it's not easy being green'. Seems like it's not easy to stop either .. as I'm sure your boots and phone still show (hopefully the rest of you has scrubbed up ok and reverted to normal). Guess it's all in a days work!

    Your windowsill plants look ok to me. It is a challenge to stop them getting leggy indoors. Ideally a cold frame gives them more light - but I'm sure it is still too cold for that yet. I see in the pic that they are very slightly below the level of the window. Maybe if you propped them up higher they might get more light. Also, try putting silver foil behind them to reflect more light back.

    Someone said recently in their blog how, when they potted their tomato seedlings on, that they covered the lower stem with soil. Don't know if that would work with marigold and brocoli - could be worth trying it with a couple just to see.

    Glad the rudbeckia's are coming out - it's so exciting to see those first shoots.


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