Tuesday, 3 March 2009

An award!! Me???

Wow! I've received an award!!! My blog is fabulous!!!! (Well..... Karie likes it...) Thank you very much Karie! Not going to inflict a Kate Winslet reaction on you all, but will say, I'm really touched! Check her blog out on this link. She has a fab life in the rural south of England, is an amazing artist, very witty, and devotes her life to the care and rescue of all kinds of animals! She really cool!!! It is now my duty to pass this on to 5 people who's blogs rock, so stand by, it could be you!!! haha

Was debating whether or not to tell you, but figured that if I did, I would be too ashamed to start again if temptation got really bad, so here goes...... On Monday I quit smoking!!!! Was kind of by accident (like most events in my life!), but going to try and stick it out this time! Please don't judge me badly, I'm trying so hard to be a better person, and my taste buds should be working again for the home grown veg in the summer!!! What an incentive!!!

On the plus side I smell lovely now, but I'm pretty much horrible to anyone who dares to catch my attention! Hopefully this will pass, for the sake of my relationship! Going on lots of walks and playing in lots of compost to try and be a nicer person! 

Managed to sow 7 lots of each Cosmea & Africian Daisy, Arctotis - New Hybrids. Quantities sound so small, but all my south facing windowsills are now full and with the temperatures so low and with the snow still falling, I'm too scared to put my bigger babies in the cold frame thingy! (Do you think it would kill the sweet peas or am I being a drama queen? Seriously need space!) 

You must be bored of looking at my offerings of scrawny little seedlings, so thought I would treat you to the catalogue pictures! I will be amazed if mine end up remotely like these, but here's hoping!! At least it will give you a giggle this summer comparing them!

Africian Daisy



That's pretty much it for tonight! Hopefully I will be in a better mood and will see the funny side to my life again soon!!! 

Goodbye for now,

From a nicer smelling, cleaner living, award winning (joking I'm not that conceited), dying for a dirty old fag, Linzi x x 


  1. Congrats on the awards. I finally put peas out under the cloche but we don't have snow here!

  2. Congratulations, Linzi!
    Thanks for your comment on my cool dog post. You are right, those plants behind the dog are the lavenders. Spanish lavender. You might want to keep yours. They might look dead but they can be able to give a new growth later. It is a hardy plant. Good luck!

  3. Your flower photos are very nice to see. I hope we can get some pretty warm weather soon so I can begin sowing some seeds.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  4. No secret puffing on sly ciggies in the greenhouse Linzi! Get rid of all your chocolate as well, you probably won't need a manicure ever again due to nibbled fingers but your lungs will love you for it! Good luck!

  5. Well done you on your award - well deserved.
    Good luck with staying off the ciggies.

    I'd risk the sweetpeas in the cold frame - I think they're quite hardy. If it is really cold you can put some 'fleece' over the frame at night.


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