Friday, 20 February 2009

There's no place like home!

There has been a lack of blogs this week - 'cause we have been on holiday!!!

Well armed with a big tv, home cut logs for the fire, more clothes than we would wear in a month, enough dog treats to last a year and dvd's a plenty (picked by me, so of course all totally unwatchable) we set off for our much anticipated break! 

We were greeted (after finally finding our romantic getaway by tearing down a lot of country lanes, taking a few wrong turnings and exchanging a lot of cross words) by what I can only describe as either a very friendly local, or a maybe a little bit drunk man. Either way, I got stuck with him! Johnny left him to me with a smirk, and set off exploring the cottage on his own. He had fully unpacked the car, and the man was still there yakking away! We had no option but to let the boys out with him there, their poor eyes were crossed they needed pees so badly! 

They exploded out of the car, their leads wrapping me up in knots with this slightly odd man, who was in his dressing-gown, and proceeded to cock their sweet little legs on everything they could see, which unfortunately included my leg. I am still taking this very personal Liam!

The idea of lovely lakeside walks and beautiful views from mountainsides had us so excited in the run up to getting away! The lakeside walks were great in practice, as being right by the lakes, all going was flat - but those mountains - oh boy they were tough!!

The dogs were no help at all climbing up the steep and narrow rock passages! They had pulling us off the rocks turned into an art form by the time we reached the top. 

All red, grumpy, sweaty, in a very dark mood, huffing and puffing (and this was only me, Johnny was of course finding nothing a problem, the little slug!) we finally made it to the top, to stop for (another) well earned rest...... Only to be see loads of children having picnics! Have to tell you, I was gutted! Have came to the conclusion that they had to have been air-lifted on!!

But enough moaning, we had a lovely time, and nothing beats tasty food in gorgeous pubs, with a good old pint and our dogs curled up at our feet! Bliss!!

As beautiful as the lakes are, it made us realise how special a place home was. (And before you Cumbrian's get all annoyed, i'm a wee paddy and Johnny's scottish, so its not a time old Northumbrian grudge!) So it was nice to get back as well!

And excellent news, the seedlings for the broccoli and africian marigolds have hatched!! (Is that the right word?) The Rudbeckia is still in hiding, but she is apparently quite shy takes a bit longer to come out, so she's not written off just yet!

Oh, and the seed potatoes are chitting away nicely on the kitchen windowsill thanks to Ferris Jay's brill advice! Rose end up and in the light, not to hot and not to cold! Thanks you! x


  1. Hope you washed your leg straight away!!!! That did make me laugh, I also have a funny story about a man in a pink dressing gown, why are all men just so odd!!!!! Glad you're back though, still chuckling to myself!

  2. Sounds like a grand holiday to me (despite the leg incident). Glad the spuds are doing well. Makes me feel tired just hearing about all that uphill walking (and I bet those kids WERE airlifted on - or maybe they were goats in disguise).

  3. It`s only english men that are odd.And of course if you are in the USA it`s the gay men that are odd.I`m pefectly normal.P.S.The pub with you and our dogs with a good old pint sounds totally awesome by the way.................

  4. The aroma just kept wafting up while the man was talking, all I could do was giggle, think it was the shock! What was your dressing gown clad man like Karie? x

    You are right, they were not children, they were goats in disguise! haha I could believe that..... Feel much better about it now! x

    Pappabell, all men are from mars! Even americian's! haha x The pubs rocked, its such a doggy place down there, most attractions and pubs allow them in, which is fab! Nearly bought the boys climbing shoes, but they were £50 for 2 shoes so decided against it -they were the cutest shade of blue though....Oh to be rich! Sigh!

  5. Does that mean that all women are from Pluto??

  6. No silly!! Venus of course!!!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog - it sounds as though you had a nice holiday :) Can we see some more photos of your dogs?

    My Muzzle says we're not perfect - although she has said differently when we've been having a cuddle! She says if you saw me doing my little black kangaroo impression when I'm excited, you might not be so impressed!



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