Sunday, 7 June 2009

Grass fever - like hay fever but worse!

Can you believe it's June already? Wow! Time seems to pass by quicker every year! Is this a getting older thing? I am terrified to blink in case I miss summer! Well, then again, I do live in England - it's been known to happen!

How beautiful is this? The epitome of a British woodland! Bluebell wood it's called, a local walk that we have driven straight past for 3 years at least twice a week and never noticed! What a magical walk that was, our last one all together for a while! 

Last month saw a massive surge of growth in the seedlings, bulbs and tubers, which are now all in their final planting positions, and looking around in awe at all the space they have to fill! Keep meaning to take pictures for you, but every time I remember too the light is bad! 

Luckily for me, some of the sweet peas survived the ducks un-relenting attacks by hiding behind the strong potato plants and they actually look like they may flower any day now! Some of the sweeties I had given away are already flowering, but I have put that down to them being on much lower and warmer climes. It's definitely not because I sometimes forget to water mine and Sarah waters, checks and cares for hers everyday! ha ha

With my very own action man pursuing and securing our dreams in lands far far away, I have been determined to prove that I can cope without being a totally pathetic woman and needing too much help! Not sure I'm pulling that off as well as I'd like to, but hey, its the thought that counts! So proud of you babe - your doing amazing!!! x x x 

One positive thing about being on my own is discovering how thoughtful and kind people can be, even those that you wouldn't expect to really bother! From quick chats to full blown dinners prepared and delivered, people can be so lovely - thank you! Friendships have sprung up, strengthened and grown daily, just like flowers in the sun! 

Friendships are not the only things growing in the sun! The grass is also doing a fantastic job, and since Johnny left, I have had what can only be described as grass fever! Its an all consuming, stomach churning obsession to tame the ever wild green carpet! There are enough crop circles to spark a 'the truth is out there' investigation,  but somehow its just not so much fun when there is no Johnny to scowl and reluctantly smile at them! Getting to grips with the new lawn mower has given a few giggles! Whoops! Wrong lever! Took 3 wheelbarrow loads to clear that one up! Silly marrar!