Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A rat.. and some potatoes.....!!!

Been working my little bum off all day, hammering away on the laptop to try and get ready for opening.

Luckily, I was in my living room, with a gorgeous view of all those little blue tits, robins, wrens and the lovely birdies with the golden chests (sorry not very good at spotting!) to-ing & fro-ing to the bird feeders for a nibble, with the poor big cumbersome ducks trying their best to fit under the tiny bird house for their share. It was idyllic with the pure white background of this mornings fresh dusting of snow.

With Liam & Clyde being very sweet for a change, and taking turns to give me kisses and warm my feet, I was starting to feel quite smug about life. Serves me right! Just then I noticed that a dirty big rat had scared the tiny birds away and was shoving at the ducks, whilst stealing the peanuts from my feeder! A bang on the window didn't even scare him away! How rude!!! 

Poor Johnny had to spend the rest of the day in sniper position until he got a hit. He was already annoyed that the DHL package was potatoes and garlic for me, "how sad are you, getting spuds in the post!!!" (not much is happening at the minute so a DHL van is cause for excitement and elbowing to get the parcel when it turns up our drive!) 

Not much chance of planting my goodies for at least another month! How on earth do you store them? They will be rotted by the time the sun comes out and melts all the snow away!! Oh Lordy! Why do I start these things?

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  1. You can chit the potatoes by leaving them somewhere bright but cool where they can grow some stems (from the 'eyes'). I put mine in eggboxes to keep them upright.

    The garlic is fine to go somewhere cold as they benefit from a winter cold snap to promote growth (so I'm told).


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