Friday, 6 February 2009

Snowed In.....?

More and more seed packets keep arriving! Get all excited until I think about where I am going to start them off.... What am I going to do??? Having a major stress now! Johnny bought me 2 mini grow houses, but the snow looks set to last for a good few weeks yet and they are simply too cold to put anything in for a good few months at least (whether I have murdered them first or not!) At this rate, if I ever manage to grow anything it won't be ready till at least October!!! 

Dug out the court yard today to finally get the car out. Well... Johnny did! Turns out we are not totally snowed in - if I had actually ventured further than the drive I would have realised that the roads were clear - opps!!! 

Brother Louis seems to be making the best of the weather, his spirits are up despite not getting out for nearly a week now bless him. My little scruff muffin! Isn't he cute?

Right! Off to pack for the weekend show!! Need to earn my keep!!! 


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  1. Wish spring(april) would get here,I want to start my seeds!!!


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