Sunday, 15 February 2009

Get Me!!! The Gardener!!!!

I'm walking with a new swagger in my step today, 'cause I'm a proper gardener!!! 

Had a lovely day! Sarah popped over with her black Lab Betsey & we set off for a lovely walk around the circle with Clydeybops. The snow started to thaw last night (finally!!) so we weren't slipping around too much for the first time in 2 weeks!!

For once Clyde was really well behaved, think he is starting to realise that he is not in fact a Staffie, but a Lab. He hardly pulled at all for once, and even listened to me calling him and came for treats 3 times!! Progress!  So nice to go out for a walk with one of my dogs and actually enjoy it! 
Have you ever read A Home For Rose? Its a lovely book written by John Katz. Would really recommend it. He believes that to have a better connection with your dog (and ultimately, a better dog) you need to improve and become a better person, then the dog will improve, as the problem has never been the dog, but you. Really trying to become better, and I swear, with a bit of Cesar & good old treats, its working!!

When we got home I got my propagator out and sowed some seeds!!!! 

Will be boring you to tears now, but here's what I planted:

21 seeds of Africian Marigold Space Hopper 
14 seeds of Broccoli Ironman F1
7 seeds of Rudbeckia Moreno

Keep taking off the lid to check if anything has sprouted yet (which is stupid I know, just so keen!) My posh new labels, written in my neatest handwriting ever look pretty cool too!!!

Sorry about the genetically modified veg. Not a chav I promise, just ordered the seeds before reading all your lovely blogs, and promise if I stick at this I will do this properly and naturally next year!

Portrait is of my 2 special boys (Clydey is behind and Liam to the front) which was sketched by the amazingly talented Karie Ann Cooper, whom I am very proud to call a friend. 

Off to crack open a bottle of red, have a lovely night!

Linzi  x


  1. I had cider!!!! With blackcurrant, sort of red I suppose, love your blog Linzi, you've surpassed my efforts already.

  2. Thanks for the messages. You made me laugh. im happy to follow your blog. Its nice to see someone else my age gardening. When it comes to gardening most of my friends are twice my age.

    I could go for some white wine!

  3. Hi Linzi. I'm chuffed that you found my blog - and that you're following it.

    Following your blog will hopefully keep me inspired to get my own stuff planted - at the right times (I've been notorious for leaving planting a bit late before.)

    As for those spuds (from your earlier posting), to chit them, stand them in an eggbox or seed tray blunt end (rose) uppermost. That end should have most eyes. Leave them for up to six week until the sprouts are 1-2cm (the length of your thumbnail or more). Leave them somewhere cool but bright, windowsills are the usual - but has to be frost free and not TOO warm either.
    Good luck.
    I'm chitting some myself, so will post a pic on the blog of them in their eggtray.

  4. Love the pic of the two dogs!!!!!!!What kind of wine did you have...........???


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