Thursday, 12 February 2009

Winter Wonderland.... Again!

Had more than a dusting of snow today! Those big fat flecks just keep falling!

Good old Mr Kirtley brought us bread back from the shops so hopefully we won't starve! 
Actually I'm being a drama queen, the freezer should have something in it..... I'm sure through all that ice there has to be something edible.... I suppose if the worst comes to the worst, there are always the ducks....
Humor humor!!!

A stupid driver came to the door today with a lorry load of stuff for Four Gables. Told him where to go and where not to go, as he would get stuck in the snow otherwise. He wouldn't even look me in the eye when I was talking to him, think he was too busy looking over my shoulder into the middle ages were women weren't allowed to speak!!! 

Sure enough he went straight where I told him not to and got himself well stuck!! He had dug the gravel right down through to the matting below with his stupid wheels and left massive ruts everywhere! 

Wigam's to the rescue!!! Even the farmers tractor had bother pulling him out, so made him give the farmer money for his stupidity. 

Stupid man took pride telling me in front of all the workmen he owned his company and was the big boss. Steam was coming from my ears, but you will be pleased to know I refrained from telling him that he should have known better!!! The big tube!!!! 
Had to make him admit that I had asked him not to do what he had just done though - his blush was much better than having a pre-menstrual rant!!! 

Poppies are still not dead!!! Whey hey!!! May have got away with my total stupidity!!! Attached a wee pic for you to have a nosey 

Linzi x 



  1. thx for visited my blog
    how u found it?

  2. we just together around 2 month
    im speaking broken english la =(

  3. Hello and thanks for following my blog! Just curious, how did you find it?

    Your blog is fun. Love the story. Dang men! I look forward to reading most of your posts.


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