Tuesday, 10 March 2009

An the award goes too......

I have been really naughty for not passing on this blog sooner, and for that I sincerely apologise. Things have been a bit much here lately, but we are slowly getting back on top of things!

Ok, will get the bossy bit out of the way first! When you receive the award, say who it is from, and put a wee link to their blog. You then pass the award onto 5 other blogs, creating links so it is easy to view them. Hope that makes sense!

There are so many fantastic blogs out there, this was really really hard to whittle it down to just 5! So here goes! In no particular order.....

The first blog I would like to nominate is Where is Jacob Our Bracco?
I really hope you do not think I'm being frivolous in nominating you, but your search for your beautiful boy has really touched my heart, and I feel that as many people as possible should be aware of, and if they can, help in your efforts to get him back. Cannot imagine what you are going through, and sincerely hope that your pain will be over soon, with your boy home safe and sound.

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Adventures In A Field. Ferris is amazing!!! Have a peek at her in this very exciting time in her life. Not only is she really cool, she is realizing her dream to have a beautiful, energy efficient home (sorry Ferris, I'm sure that's the wrong term!) She has been fantastic to me, giving me so much sound advice, and not once making me feel like the simpleton that I am! (Although I'm sure it's very tempting!)

Live To Garden is also a fab well! I love this blog! Flowergirl is the same age as me, good fun, and a real proper gardener, something I very much hope to be someday myself!! 

Gardening Tips is another great blog! Everyone who reads this must follow it right now! Its so full of brilliant tips and ideas! 
It's Karen's first season playing at growing things as well, and she gives me such a giggle at her descriptions and views on things! She also full of enthusiasm on everything green and brown (except for rats, which I is fair enough!) What a lovely, happy blog!

So that's it for now! 

Clydey is giving me the eagle eye, so I'd better finish up and get out on the poo run!! 

Sweet dreams!

Linzi x x 


  1. You are quite the expert now Linzi blog Queen extraordinaire!!! Willow says woof by the way!

  2. Thanks so much Linzi! I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog!!! Im so happy that i found blogging because it has connected me to so many wonderful people around the world. Thanks again!!!

  3. Wow - what a great surprise and a lovely 'welcome back to blogland' for me. I'm thrilled to have 'an award' - thanks a million. So glad that you like 'adventures in a field'. How are all the plants doing? (I still picture poppies on a baldie head thanks to you).
    P.S. I have those house pcis up now - finally.
    P.P.S. Happy belated St. Patrick's Day


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