Sunday, 8 March 2009

Pearls of wisdom......

Had the funniest piece of gardening advice yet, just had to share it with you! 

Our TV Ariel man is another organic veggie grower (they are popping up everywhere, isn't it fab!!) so just had to drag him round my little baby plugs (is that the right word?) when he came to do a job this week. He's very matter of fact, and is a firm believer of growing for fun and not getting too tired down in the science and seriousness of it all. (Trying to adopt this attitude myself, I figure it will save me loads of disappointment when things don't work out how I imagined them to)

On asking the very Geordie Tony if he thought my poppies were sick or why they may be wilting, he scratched his head, poked 1, and offered the following pearls of wisdom..... "Never worry 'bout the poppies man, they could grow on a baldy heed!" Still laughing as I type!! 

Maybe you needed to be there, but hope that that little nugget at least makes you smile! Going to keep watering them and hope for the best!!!! 

Linzi x x


  1. That's funny. I've been waiting for mine to sprout, now I won't worry so much about them :)

  2. The thought of a baldy geordie head sprouting poppies has been with me all yesterday - thanks for that - I'm still smiling as I think of it.

    (By the way - I think the comments on my blog are working again. Fingers crossed)

  3. Oh, that is great! I love fun little sayings like that, and just love listening to different accents. Thanks for making it possible to 'hear' him speak this pearl!

  4. LOL. Poppies are pretty tough, aren't they? Mine never fully die back so they keep a little green going in the front garden.


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