Saturday, 4 April 2009

Know Your Enemy......

Sounds pretty obvious, and I really thought I did. I had thought about what would be visiting the garden and put all and sundry into neat little boxes of what would be good and bad for my flowers and veg. 

Slugs bad. Snails bad. Rabbits bad. Dogs bad. Disney bad. Brother Louis bad. Moles bad. Mice bad. Linzi probably bad (no point kidding myself)

Bees good. Worms good. Louie poo good. Farmer John good. Ducks good - 17 of them should keep the slugs at bay.

This seems logical doesn't it? Well, actually, after this week, ducks are now firmly in the bad box. They have systematically savaged my lovely little poppies until there is nothing left of them. I can't even blame rapid disappearance of them on the rabbits because I saw John (the duck, but looks like one of the village locals) in action, ruthlessly pulling at the leaves until the whole plant popped out and then greedily eating what he could, while trampling the other plants he didn't want into the ground.  How rude!! 
He and his mates have also had a go at the sweet peas planted out only yesterday, but thankfully don't seem to to consider them so much of a delicacy!! Thought I would show you a pic of them just in case they decide they are quite nice after all!

You will be pleased to know that I accepted these setbacks gracefully!!! The beauty of nature, is that nothing is predictable, not what pretty flowers will grow or what the ducks and rabbits will eat, not the amount of rain we get, or when the frost stops or when the sun comes...... Its lovely, and what keeps all this fun!

Here is naughty John himself having a  bath in the little brook that babbles through the garden. 
So cute!! You just couldn't stay angry at him for long!!


  1. Funny enough today we were fencing our enclosure for our soon to arrive ducks. Sam thinks I'll have them on the pond - but I have heard of the destructive qualities your post has just reminded me of - and they'll get a paddling pool instead - how mean am I?

    Are those your ducks or just wandering locals?

  2. Next doors chickens are rather partial to my veg. All part of life's rich tapestry!

  3. Awww I love John. I didn't realize ducks would eat like that.

  4. Oh those ducks eating your poppies! I bet you weren't happy about that. I hope they leave the rest of your plants alone!

  5. Your muscovy looks like the twin to mine on my blog yesterday! We've stopped putting flowers down now, the chickens and ducks have a feast, it must be like me at Christmas with chocolates. Safety and wallet now thought of first and we use hanging baskets. I bought packets and packets of wildflowers a few years ago and all it did was give the birds a feast! Love the photo at the bottom Linzi, looks quite rural like us, you country bumpkin you!!!

  6. Still waiting for spring to arrive here in Springfield Illinois USA.I put some shakeaway down to deter the groundhog(George).And ona bad note,My beautiful dog might have to be put to sleep.She hasnt been acting right for 3 days,and snaped yesterday and bite her tail making it bleed,then got tangled up in the leash and bite me when i undid her.And later snarled and growlded at me when i tried to pet.This is soo difficult,I Love Her Soo Much.The thought of losing her makes me cry.Anyhow,Glad to see you write after the accident.............Take care,,,,,,Randy

  7. Muzzle said "oh dear" - but she doesn't think she could stay cross with John for very long either!

    We are admiring the photo of your lovely Lab boys - very handsome :)


  8. Your in such a beautiful setting! I am sure you will soon forget about the destruction!
    I have a serious phobia of slugs and caterpillars! and growing veg has sent me into a screaming fit many a time! I am getting better with slugs, I can get a stick now and fling them without feeling too sick! but caterpillars are another story!
    I have just planted mange tout, and carrots! and am keeping a beady eye out for any scavengers!
    My sweet peas havn't even popped there heads up yet!

  9. Just to let you know,Put my sweet Baby Girl to sleep today.It`s the hardest thing iv`e ever done.I have been crying for 3 hours.Got her buried right in the middle of the yard so she can see everything.Put her football and bone in with her and a water bowl so she can have something to drink.Also put some cat food i there(she liked cat food better than dog fod.I know ,She was a nut.Put apicture of me and my wife dawn out on top of her grave so she wouldn`t be alone tonight.I LOVE HER SOO MUCH


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