Friday, 25 September 2009

Trying Times...

Have you ever felt that the wind has gone right out of your sails? Looking back over past posts the Linzi who wrote them was really happy and embracing life. She has been gone for a while now. I wonder where she went? I'm hoping she comes back again soon, as I don't like this dreary miserable girl she left behind. Trying times are character building I'm told. Hmmm.....

The dark nights are closing in fast, and a new bite in the wind has all the trees positively glowing in their new shades. You can see the rich tapestrey of colours spreading every day now, getting closer to shaking all those leaves off in preparation for the driving winds and rain.

Love this creeper growing in the courtyard, the newest shoots are holding out against the decay and inevitable drop just a little longer than the old hands who know the drill. They will succumb in the end though, and before we know it new shoots will be emerging from the bare woody stems faster than I ever remembered them grow before! Isn't it amazing?

On a lighter note more tomatoes are ripening every day. None have made it to the kitchen yet - we keep pinching them off the vine every time we walk past them! Never tasted tomatoes as good!

Have a lovely weekend everybody! I'm off to find my hard hat for some serious character building - health and safety and all that!

Linzi x x


  1. Sorry to hear you've been having a tough time. It's no fun going through those parts of life, hope you feel like your old self again soon.
    The creeper really does say fall is in the air, such a pretty red.

  2. Hi Linzi,

    They do say that trying times are character building. I say that they're just pants. The only good thing about them is that they help you recognize and better appreciate the good times (no consolation when you're slap bang in the tough times, granted).
    My advice is distraction. Enjoy the ripening tomatoes and the autumn colours. Play with the dogs and make the most of the daylight.
    Getting some seed catalogues and dreaming of what to plant next year is also highly recommended.
    You've done really well this year with your first foray into the world of gardening. You've survived sowing, duck attacks (my ducks and chickens have been getting into the polytunnel lately - ate all my ripe blueberries too), weeding (best is to just pull out the weed itself leaving the earth in place)and all sorts of weather. That's a great start in my books.

    Fingers crossed you'll be sailing into some brighter weather any day now.

  3. Hope all is better soon. Get out with those dogs, they are always good for a smile, a kiss & a hug. Beautiful leaves on the creeper.

  4. I hate you aren't feeling like yourself. You know we all have these days, and all go through these times! Keep your chin up! I have missed reading all of your hilarious posts!

  5. Hang in there. Your blog and garden are beautiful!


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