Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Buzz about summer

I don't know about you, but for us this summer has been pretty lovely so far! The sun is shining warm and proud everyday, not hiding behind the clouds in fear of the rain like last year! My skin is slowly turning brown, well, less blue than usual, and now with the nights so long and warm, it's great to be able to play in the garden or take the boys out for a good walk on an evening! 

And Yes!! Johnny is home for a while!!! And just look at the new trick he has learned!! Fetch!!!! ha ha

Liam is swimming every day in the hot sun, even if he has nothing to retrieve he breaks into his own little routine and does laps up and down the river - so cute to see him puffing along! The little otter! Clyde on the other hand will only paddle by the banks until Johnny actually swims with him, the look of concentration and trust on his face until he reaches either Johnny or land is so heart warming, bless him!

During our morning walk, we pass a hive of bumblebees in the woods. The monotone buzz is so loud you could almost think there was a big heavy 4 stroke motorbike just in the distance. There are never any bees around, I think they must be getting warmed up to fly. Always makes me giggle. Can just imagine them all with their brightly coloured sweat bands on, dancing in unison, with the Queen Bee leading the class shouting words of encouragement as she stretches and grinds to Blondie! The poor little guys had been having a hard time the past few miserable summers here in the UK, finally looks like they are back on form again thank goodness!!

Couldn't resist raiding my potatoes, even though they hadn't flowered yet.... I know, I know I'm lessening the crop for later but boy do they taste good!!!!! 

Feel so proud plunging my hand in and pulling out a big 'un!!! Swing my little wicker basket and skip the whole 12 feet home!!!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great summer. I can just picture those bees working out, and to Blondie of course :)

  2. Ever since you posted about sun it has rained. Not that I'm holding you responsible or anything...
    Enjoy the summer - when it comes back

  3. It looks lovely there with that lovely river, bumblebees, sunshine, cosmos (just about my favourite flower .. the one in the pic with the bee) and fresh spuds (there is NO shame in having a sneaky early tasting!) - long may the good summer continue. I'm loving it too .. we finally have big dragonflies by our wee stream .. and little damselflies by the pond. Very sweet - there is nothing more magical and summery for me than to see those dragonflies.

  4. Love your pups, just like mine only black! Mine would kill to have that water to swim in! Good idea putting potatoes in a barrel, I might have to give it a try!


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